See how Smarty features can benefit you!

Smarty Contacts

Helping you with customer relationship management (CRM). CRM has never been so simple. With Smary's contact system you will easily be able to manage all of your clients. You'll be able to track and see your potential, new, current, and established customers and clients to better serve them.


Smarty Invoicing

Making you feel like an accountant (without all the schooling). Smarty invoicing lets you track your accounts, manages clients' payments for you, and minimizes your paperwork by automating invoices and reports.

Smarty Appointments

Won't fail you like Google Calendar did. Smarty appointments helps you manage all your meetings, events, and important dates with one inclusive calendar tool. You'll be able to schedule, invite, and remind your staff and clients of appointments with this one system.

Smarty Landing Page

Land more customers with specialized landing pages. This feature allows you to be able to create picture perfect landing pages for your different types of customers and guests, so you can specify the information to what attracts them most.

Smarty Email

Focus less on logistics and more on content. Smarty's email campaign system allows you to automate your emails, newsletters, and promotion offers that you send to clients. With this system you can keep them up to date about all your new exhibits and exhibitions, featured artists, and everything else going on without worrying about hows and whens of sending the emails.

Smarty Offer

If you'd like to spend less time on making your emails works of art and more time on the works in your gallery, then this feature may interest you. Smarty Offer lets you easily construct sales emails by simply choosing from a gallery of templates, thereby streamlining your process.

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